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Quote:Ohh and for the future post them here:

Welcome to the site.

Oh, can't believe I missed that awesome thread. Tongue

Thanks for the welcome! Also, since you liked the halfling, here's another pic I did for them.

[Image: 1444345315046_zpspp3kbhcr.jpg]

I was making some minor concept sketches for a model maker.

Glad to be apart of the site and upholding the banner of the brave Dogs of War! Smile

I'm hoping that the future will look brighter for the mercs when 9th age gets around to making rules for them next year. Also, for AoS players as well since the human faction is now the Free Guild which is very enticing.
Keep it up, its looking good.

When you get a chance you should start on some color stuff too.
Hello Willmark and friends, A Spanish old glory honors this site and makes his presentation as a former Dogs of War general. I stopped playing in 2005 but still have my army and keep on painting my old regiments of renown. I check on this site often and wanted to say Hi. Thanks for keeping this site ALIVE.
Last time I was here was over a year ago apparently, wasn't really doing much with my Dogs of War then, but I'm hoping to start getting more done with them now
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Dogs of War on Facebook

Capitán Haya and Mickc22- sorry I missed this. Yes welcome aboard and get posting!

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