Den Underbare reporting for duty
I'm a University student from Finland.
I started with High Elves sometime around 2012, but we went on a bit of a break when my playgroup moved away to different cities to study.
Last winter/spring we collectively started playing again, and I decided I want to paint a secondary army. It had always intrigued me the thought of hiring some RoR to my elves ever since I first heard of them way back when starting to play.

So logically I have decided to paint Dogs of War as my second army. Not only as a standalone army, but also for the whole playgroup to recruit some RoR to balance out the game for those of us with smaller armies.

Our playgroup plays with 8th edition rules and use Mathias Eliassons 8th edition PDFs as official rulebooks for those that do not have an up to date one.

Thus far I've painted
2 units of wolfriders + kitbashed a Oglah Khan (only basecoated)
and half a unit of Mercenary Elves.

Not much, but on a student budget I decided to start from what I had and/or could get by easily Tongue

Last weeked I found a miracle at a fleamarket here in Finland:
[Image: l33vcXL.jpg]
An unopened box of Leopold's leopard company for 30€

As you can see my army building is a bit sporadic.
I'll build it slowly but surely Smile

See you around!
//Den Underbare
Welcome aboard!

I too was a High Elf player then moved to chaos dwarfs.

Now I’m working on my Nippon based Dogs of War army that can be used in editions as old as 2nd/3rd edition.

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