Oldhammer Miniatures by Andrew Taylor
The below oldschool models are all sculpted and sold (or to be sold) by Andrew Taylor, whose Facebook page you can visit here. Contact him there for more details.

Orc Heavy War Chariot

Funded by Kickstarter, to be released:

[Image: Chariot%204..jpg]

[Image: Chariot%203..jpg]

[Image: Orc%20Chariot%20Crew%20Master%20photo.jpg]

[Image: 13680999_10155111199534199_1757572634383950121_n.jpg]



[Image: 14034760_1161615113897264_6393946280354644768_n_1.jpg]


[Image: 14102256_1168217653237010_2527323615054355175_n.jpg]

Snotling in Mushroom Thicket

[Image: 14225365_1171794369546005_2510729589995622940_n.jpg]

Chaos Dwarf Asscannon & Crew

[Image: AC3.jpg]

Chaos Dwarf Petard & Crew

[Image: Mortar%20Set.jpg]

Chaos Dwarf Axeman

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4919]

Chaos Dwarf Crossbowman, Standing

[Image: Chaos%20Dwarf%20Crossbowmen%2011.jpg]

Chaos Dwarf Crossbowman, Reloading

The two middle ones in peak caps, drawing their crossbow strings:

[Image: Chaos%20Dwarf%20Crossbowmen%2018.jpg]
indeed very old hammer!
But still it has it's appeal!
Very cool Oldhammer!

Creatures of Chaos by Andrew (AtomTaylor on this forum) have 20 days to go for funding. It includes some new mushrooms and snot goblins, ever a nice choice, and monsters! They're characterful as usual, but on top of that they are (at least through my eyes) also improvements over the old Citadel originals - check Solegends and you'll see, especially pose-wise. The Chimera's folded wings are just brilliant with the rest of the figure.

Get yours while they're hot. Wink

[Image: 4586496c137e41623e1a006505783a4a_origina...6b38687636]

[Image: 731acc7ce356da1fb6a287ec23277a1e_origina...847f3a91ce]

[Image: 5aaf6ef02faae73cf78035c7cefa0547_origina...25104d3de8]

[Image: 279080c222a20a270956acaa603ebdb4_origina...7e5354f2a6]

[Image: 515a04c212438d6e99ed9b6d9812f2d2_origina...774d2dbc1b]
For those interested, note the accessories:

[Image: 9fdd87886e319edd2d3ba077f951b14c_origina...d419e2e4d1]
Andy has sculpted a bunch of 10mm scale Ogres, of interest for Warmaster collectors: Kickstarter up now!

[Image: 72b40358aa98f071ae73cbbcb75fdfb6_origina...22c0206140]

[Image: d4c43bdb872a5c327714aae17ddb03dc_origina...073920b04f]
Beautiful! Thanks for the tips Big Grin

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