New Dungeon Clutter from Zealot Miniatures
Zealot Miniatures has released some new dungeon clutter resin kits, the three below of which are sculpted by me:

Unusual Goblins

Impaling based on this ancient Assyrian relief.

[Image: 398198277.jpg]

Ancient Idols

Including primeval idol based on Venus of Willendorf and stele based on the Law Code of Hammurabi one.

[Image: 398226234.jpg]

Wizard's Study

Including cat and globe. Land masses are thin and easy to scrape away.

[Image: 398198096.jpg]

More of the same may follow should these kits prove popular.
Dungeon Oddities - Dungeon Clutter £3.99 at release.

You can find some odd things in a long-forgotten dungeon! This set expands the range of trinkets and dungeon clutter, bringing more life to your underground stone lair.

[Image: 407491653.jpg]
Zealot Miniatures released the last of my dungeon clutter sculpts which they picked out, in conjunction with their massive Twisting Catacombs kickstarter
: That whole release wave is a treasure trove of dungeon details! Check out their Dungeon and Minotaur stuff.

Pantry Produce Set - Twisting Catacombs £4.00 at release

9 Items of different food related clutter for your store rooms or table. Rats and mice are an added bonus.

[Image: xnSWHpk.jpg]

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