Freelancers vs Freehammers
So I was considering giving a unit of freelancers, warhammers to help them out in a protracted situation. However I took another look at the lance rules and they state that once a lance has been used up on the initial charge a model reverts to its hand weapon.

The way I'm interpreting this is that I need to make a choice on the charge weather I want to use a) Lance/hand weapons -or- b) warhammers since, if I can't switch from lance to warhammer, I'd need to use warhammers the entire time or not at all. (please let me know if you think I'm misinterpreting this!)

The problem then is that If one wants to make a unit of 'freehammers' as a kind of anvil unit - and ignore lances - one is still paying for the lances (which come to 8 points/model?). I think we can all agree that's not viable and it becomes extremely hard to justify taking the hammers at all.

So, perhaps we can make the lances optional, making hammers a viable option and generally make freelancers a bit more flexible?
Which version of the rules are we talking about?
(04-19-2016, 10:26 AM)Willmark Wrote: Which version of the rules are we talking about?

Good question. I'm going off of the version that's currently being hosted at

I tried briefly to find a version number in the document but found nothing. If anyone can direct me to where  it is, that would be helpful.
Matthias isn't here as much anymore you may want to send him a PM.

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