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  Regiment of Renown Contest
Posted by: Willmark - 02-28-2011, 08:32 PM - Forum: The Paymaster's Parchment - Replies (35)

[Image: rulescontest1.jpg]

Hello everyone and welcome to Dogs of War Online's First non-Painting Contest. We call this the Artisan's Contest over at Chaos Dwarfs Online, but I've yet to come up with a good name so suggestions are welcome

What to enter?
The theme for this contest is to create a Regiment of Renown. Unlike the ones that have run on CDO this one is an open contest and can be any regiment or unit of mercenaries that your heart desires!

Regiments of Renown can be almost anything under the sun from a unit a group of two characters, to anything in between. The cool thing is that there really is no limit to this, only your own imagination. It is important to note that you'll want to give due consideration to your entry (see below).

The deadline for the submission of entries is Saturday, April, 30 11:59pm EST. (NOTE: This question comes up: why this time? 1) its my website Wink 2) The server for Dogs of War Online is in the Eastern Timezone).

To submit your entry please send it into the following gmail account: dogsofwaronline1 @ g mail.com

Rules of the Competition
Each member of the forum may only enter once and you must be registered on Dogs of War Online. Why? Because we are running the contest! Plus we have gold and booty, were mercs after all!

In order to prevent the most outrageous of entries you will need to follow the rules as outlined below. If you do not the entry will not be accepted

You MUST have the following per entry:
1. You must state the classification of the unit, which must be one of the following: Infantry, Monstrous Infantry, Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry or War Beast. You cannot have mixed units.

2. You must state which slot it falls into; Core, Special or Rare in a the Dogs of War 6th Edition PDF list. NOTE: this is more for familiarity as not everyone might be familiar with the new army book created by the team here. However that being said there is nothing to say that your unit couldn't be a unit of mercenary elves or halflings or what have you.

3. The unit must conform to the typical minimum unit size for each classification:

Infantry (core for Dogs of War army): 10+
Infantry (special or rare for Dogs of War army): 5+
Cavalry: 5+
Monstrous Infantry: 3+
Monstrous Cavalry: 3+
War Beasts: 5+

Obviously if you want to state a maximum that's up to you.

4. Basic points cost for the minimum unit size (the base cost before all upgrades or options) must be included. This includes any named champions.

5. Basic Points cost for any additional models.

6. The cost for upgrading command models. A named champion should be included in the basic points total in point 4 above and not as an upgrade. If you have a named musician or standard bearer you can include them either in the basic total in point 4 above or as an upgrade.

7. A profile for everything in the unit including mounts if there are any. This must follow the GW format. M WS BS S T W I A Ld etc

8. If the unit is armed with a missile or combat weapon that is not a weapon type in the 8th Edition Warhammer rulebook, the rules for this must be described.

9. If the unit have any special rules that are not in the 8th Edition Warhammer rulebook, the rules for this must be described.

Optional things
You may include 0 - 3 Optional unit upgrades (aka ‘Options’) per entry. These cannot be for a named champion (it is assumed that his weapons/ equipment are already stated and cannot be upgraded, a regular un-named champion will obviously need to be included as usual) and must each have a points cost. For example, a shield, heavy armor, or a pistol. A magic banner is not a unit upgrade (it's a standard bearer one) and would not take one of these 3 options. You can include a specific magic banner if you want, made up or not, however, you may not include a general points allowance for the unit to have a magic banner (as RoR don't do this afaik).

You can include a named champion for your regiment. They may have an additional wound and not count as a hero.

You cannot include lord or hero level characters (or special characters), or anything with more than 1 wound over the basic unit type.

The background part is optional, but I suggest you include something as everyone else probably will.

There is a 1,000 maximum word limit on this. This doesn't include any rules descriptions (e.g. what the 'Iron Will' rule is). Though fluff descriptions of things like magic banners etc, or the fluff behind rules will be included in this total.

Additional Information

  • 2,000 maximum word limit
  • NO ART OR MODEL PHOTOS are allowed
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar will not be corrected. My advice is to have someone else look over your entry as noted we will not be correcting any mistakes. Only send your entry in once you are satisfied with your work.
  • * Do not post your rules for your Regiment of Renown until after the contest is over.
  • Likewise please refrain from identifying your entry in the voting thread once it is posted.

How will this be judged?
Once all the entries are in at the end of April a poll will be created with all of the entries in it. You'll download and read the rules and read them. For criteria as to which should win that is up to you. In any event you'll send your PM into the Golden Pike Account and we'll tabulate the winner(s). If there are 10 or more entries we will award silver and bronze medals in addition to the gold medal.

Judging a competition with a rules element is unlike any other sort of judging, it requires people to use both common sense and their gaming knowledge and experience to find the strengths and weaknesses of every entry.

To help people with this we have designed a list of categories that people could use to help them decide. You are not required to use this list at all.
  • Use of Language (is it professionally written?)
  • Playability (are the rules streamlined?)
  • Balance (are the rules and points fair and do they adhere to typical GW design?)
  • Fun (do the rules make for a fun experience?)
  • Lore (are the rules fluffy and do they fit the character of the Dogs of War?)

(Note special thanks to my buddy Grimstonefire over at Chaos Dwarfs Online for doing almost all of the hard-work for the thread... EDIT: Hey wait I originally set it up he just changed it! Wink

Here are some links to the how the contest has run previously:

Also attached is a word file to download if you want a rough idea of how the rules should be formatted. Feel free to submit in another form if this is not usable for your entry as this was mainly for artillery...

If there are any questions before the sending in your submission please let me know. I'm sure there will be something I didn't think of so please post if you have any questions.


Attached Files
.doc   List.doc (Size: 39 KB / Downloads: 26)
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  Dogs of War Armybook
Posted by: Willmark - 02-18-2011, 08:38 PM - Forum: The Paymaster's Parchment - Replies (2)

It the case of better late then never (it case of featuring it here): the Dogs of War Army Book. Hats off to everyone who worked on it as its a fine achievement. Great Work there guys.

[Image: dowcover.jpg]

Links to the thread discussing the books:http://dogsofwaronline.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1125

Links to the downloads: http://www.scribd.com/doc/38079464/Warha...ogs-of-War

From M4cR1II3n:
"Today is a great day for you Dogs of War players! Because today we officially release version 4.0 of the list, fully updated to 8th edition with a complete background for the mercenaries of Tilea, an updated bestiary, army list, magic items and everything else you would expect from an army book (except for the gallery section, which you will have to live without for a while).

Also released is the accompanying booklet "Regiments of Renown" which lists all the famous RoR's made by GW from 1998 to 2005, a total of 27 regiments!

Numbering over 160 pages, this is the ultimate source of mercenaries for Warhammer ever made!

Please let us know of any bugs, misprints and the like you might encounter, and tell us how the list fares in your games if you playtest it, all to help us further improve the list in the future.

Happy gaming to you all!

Download links:

Alternative Download:

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Heart Golden Pike VI Discussion
Posted by: Willmark - 02-18-2011, 10:04 AM - Forum: The Paymaster's Parchment - Replies (7)

Ok now that I have a bit more time what is the thoughts of folks on Golden Pike VI?

I'm starting a poll and I'll let it run a while as people come back to the site.

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  Forum Upgrade on January 15th, 2011
Posted by: Willmark - 01-15-2011, 11:43 AM - Forum: The Paymaster's Parchment - Replies (11)

Later tonight around 9PM EST the boards will be offline for a upgrade to MyBB. This is

I'm not anticipating any issues as its upgrading the underlying MyBB software the forum runs on. The site will be up but the boards will be off line during that time.

Stay tuned.


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  Golden Pike V Painting Contest Voting
Posted by: Willmark - 11-12-2010, 08:19 PM - Forum: The Paymaster's Parchment - Replies (6)

[Image: goldenpikelogo5.jpg]

Golden Pike V
Sorry about the delay guys, life in general has been kicking my but around so you know what that means: delays. If you have been keeping up at CDO you'll know why.

Anyways here are the entries for Golden Pike V. I must say pretty cool but we really need to start drumming up more support here!

So without further delay here are the the entries in random and anonymous order.

Entry #1:
[Image: goldenpike5_entry_1.jpg]

Entry #2:
[Image: goldenpike5_entry_2_1.jpg]
[Image: goldenpike5_entry_2_2.jpg]

Poll will run for 10 days and then close.

Once the poll is done the Golden Pike medal will be awarded to the winner. When we get more then 10 entries the Silver and Bronze will be awarded. So stay tuned for the next one.

All those who entered will receive 2 Golden Ducats as well for entering the contest.

In addition the winner will be placed in the Golden Pike Hall of Fame galleries which are now working, but need a bit of tweaking from my end.

So congrats and good luck to the entrants for this round and awesome work.

In the future look for a thread open to the community to gauge further interest as to what you might what to see for the next Golden Pike.


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